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Hi I’m Keith! I am an Artist, Designer, Illustrator, Educator, Web Developer and lover of Cats. I am from Dublin in Ireland. I Graduated from NCAD in 2006 with a BA in Art & Design Education, with aspecialism in Graphic Design, though I always took a “Fine Art” methodology to my work.

In 2012 I returned to study Web Technologies in NCI part-time, building on my graphic design skills

I also write about what I do, whether it is Code Related (my developer hat), about Design or some Artworks I am working on. In any case, you can come and comment on what I am doing, and more importantly how I am doing, leaving suggestions and requests.

My work is a little bit quirky, and a lot of fun! I use an Illustrative style in all my approaches, and aim tomake anything I produce playful and fun to approach.

I base some of my personal work on the world around me, whether it is interactions with others, past experiences, or the city I live in. I also paint cats and bees that shoot lasers from their eyes

Web Development

As well as Art & design, I also Develop and make websites and web applications. Sometimes I will write about it in my blog. At the moment I love parallax scrolling, and I sometimes write about all the fun stuff I have learned.

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