Making things pretty again: Me Vs You

Tah-Dah: Ideas akimbo So I have started drawing again. I am working on a few mini pieces, but I had an idea about collaborating with a few people to get the ball rolling, in that I would start a few pieces, and have someone else finish them off, as a creative experiment. We would probably do a swap, each adding our own injection into each others work?so....this means that?I usually work between drawing and computer edited stuff, but I sometimes paint and sometime batik. I suppose it doesn't really matter so long as…Read more

The true meaning of November 7

What I Learned today...Today is a great day. Today is the day I realised, “You know what Keith? You actually are great”. I also learned that is is ok to say no, and that whatever life throws my way, I will always get through it. I learned that I am a strong and confident person, and even though I don't look how I looked at 21, I still look good. My body is adjusting, and I am really comfortable with that.The funny thing is it has taken me almost 27 years to realise…Read more

Drinking Shampain…to forget Yesterday…

Quite an apt thought. Drinking makes things so much better, and so much worse. It is something that we do to cheer ourselves up, or to hide and mask the harsh truth of reality (just for you Biffo). Its something thats very much part of City life, whether one partakes on a sociable one with friends, or after a hard weeks slog, its your Friday Treat, or perhaps it's half price sunday, and €2.95 for a JD and coke is too good a price not to overindulge. It is rare to find a…Read more

NCAD Graduate show

So today I decided I would go back and have a look at the Graduate Exhibition of my old University NCAD. I have to say I was quite surprised, I really enjoyed a lot of the work, but some of the areas which I normally find amazing, really weren't.As always Fashion and Textiles had an amazing show, and I quite liked the Education department, CGM had some stand out pieces, but overall, there wasn't as much standing out as there normally is. Print was surprisingly awful, and Sculpture wasn't the usual disappointment I…Read more