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fuckingrecipes: gazzymouse: the-little-two-mouthed-girl: porcubird: fuckyeah-nerdery: his-blithe-handmaid: healthier-habits: Healthy Watermelon Cake!! What an awesome idea! #healthy #kids #family #summer Click here for full directions! Skip that frosting, perhaps? An interesting idea though. That’s not a cake, that’s deceit and a good way to ensure that decades from now, your kids are going to stick your ass in a nursing home. A cheap nursing home where the nurses don’t check to see if anybody is alive. Bullshit, this looks delicious and I want to eat one right now :U This does look delicious I want…Read more

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Domestic Violence

My Friend Jane wrote this. its really important. And everyone should read it. Exactly a year ago, my then-boyfriend put me in a headlock and punched me until his hand shattered. The only reason I didn’t die on my bedroom floor on the night of May 3, 2012 is that he didn’t know where to put his thumb when he made a fist. It wasn’t the first time, nor, I’m sad to say, was it the last time, but it was the one he got caught for, and the one I can’t get…Read more

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