Quite an apt thought. Drinking makes things so much better, and so much worse. It is something that we do to cheer ourselves up, or to hide and mask the harsh truth of reality (just for you Biffo).
Its something thats very much part of City life, whether one partakes on a sociable one with friends, or after a hard weeks slog, its your Friday Treat, or perhaps it’s half price sunday, and €2.95 for a JD and coke is too good a price not to overindulge.

It is rare to find a non drinking person these days too. Its something thats deeply woven into our social fabric: most venues that one might socialise in would be by and large alcohol serving, even several of the late opening Café’s tend to serve wine or beer. I have to admit it often helps the creative juices flow, and the flow of eloquence sometimes would make others stand in awe, one way or another.

Why is alcohol so important?