So today I decided I would go back and have a look at the Graduate Exhibition of my old University NCAD. I have to say I was quite surprised, I really enjoyed a lot of the work, but some of the areas which I normally find amazing, really weren’t.

As always Fashion and Textiles had an amazing show, and I quite liked the Education department, CGM had some stand out pieces, but overall, there wasn’t as much standing out as there normally is. Print was surprisingly awful, and Sculpture wasn’t the usual disappointment I had come to expect.
There are a couple of people who really stood out. One was in Fine Art Media, again anyone who knows me knows my opinion of this area, but this year the work was really good! I loved Grace Mc Evoy’s Bridge, it really was an amazing piece of work! In Metals, I have to have loved Aisling Curry’s beautiful pieces, as well as Eleanor Swans brilliant Heads (even Janice was in the images!).
In Education, I loved Hannah & Nicky’s paintings, but I was a bit sad about the demise of Graphics in the Department, as well as Textiles. It’s a sad day for Educationalists everywhere. Textiles was brilliant too, it was interesting they were separated from Fashion. I really liked the work, the colour and the surfaces!
The funniest bit was when I came across an old Life Drawing Lecturer who was doing an MFA. He was always one who would criticise the least little thing, and I remember a particular phrase of his was to “grapple with it” which in fact means nothing. Lo and behold, not only was his work mediocre at best, but, he had also blatantly ripped of Patti Smith, and quite badly I might add. It is just funny though how these things turn about, and things like this make me want to go back and do my masters.
Currently i’m between and MA in Visual Communication, to do with my love of Book Arts, but then I love surfaces and textures and the stories they tell, so maybe an MA in Textiles is for me. I really don’t know yet, but I’m excited about finding out which one I enjoy more.
Until next time 😛
Keithy Mc Keitherson